An estimated 10% of the population in Ghana are persons with disabilities. Centre for Employment for People with Disabilities (CEPD Ghana) is one of Ghana’s leading providers of employment services for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and for people experiencing complex barriers to work. Through working with many leading employers, we assist PWDs to identify, develop and use their skills in a their chosen field. Our wide range of employment services are tailored to the needs of employers, jobseekers, and employees experiencing long-term absence from work due to sickness.

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We work with employers
Making your organization accessible makes good business and helps to attract wider pool of customers and service user range of employees and assist your organization to meet the disability Act, 2006 (Act 715). However, just how accessible are you to people that want and need to interact with you?
Access auditing is the way of accessing the accessibility of your business by identifying the barriers to access including:

  • Physical access to building and premises
  • Availability of accessible transport to reach your
  • location
  • Methods of accessing your organization services
  • Training and staff awareness
  • Practice and procedures


  • A formal audit report with suggestion for cost effective practical solutions
  • A clear action plan for improvement
  • Clearly highlighted priority which can contribute to your risk management strategy
  • Advice regarding issues which are potential and safety risk
  • Recommendations for good practice

With numerous years’ experience of supporting disabled people to gain and maintain employment, CEPD staff is uniquely placed to assist your organization. So if you would like to find just how accessible your organization is, and how you can make it more accessible
contact us:

+233244620971 or +233307034900

Training employers to be aware and understand how to facilitate the workplace for persons with disabilities.
Training staff on disability issues is an important tool for companies to promote positive work environment within the company and change negative attitude towards people with disabilities in the workplace.
Business can request staff to receive disability awareness training to explore misconceptions and learn best practices for interviewing, accommodating, communicating and working with people with disability.
The training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Attitudes and perceptions towards persons with disabilities.
  • Historical perception of society
  • General studies and statistics on disabilities
  • Information on the Ghanaian disability Act 2006 (Act)
  • Tips on interviewing, accommodating and communicating with employees with disabilities
  • Resources to businesses: this interactive training is provided to businesses both on an individual and group basis.

DATABASE ON POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES (Our online version will soon be active)
The centre gathers information on what qualification exist among people with disabilities. You can contact us for our pool of employees of persons with disabilities.
Soon you would be able to easily access information on disabled people through the online database program being developed for jobseekers will register online at the comfort of their homes and locations. This reduces the burden of travelling to the employment centre as specified by the disability law.

The goal for setting up the online database is to give persons with disabilities the opportunity to enhance their professional lives by providing a dedicated system for finding employment. Employers can post job opportunities, or search resumes to find qualified persons with disabilities by which employers demonstrate their commitment to nondiscrimination and their open door policy toward hiring.

The centre carries out the monitoring and analysis of employment policies to identify weaknesses and strengths where disabled people can take advantage of and lobby and advocate for the necessary policy changes. The centre will collaborate with the disability organizations of persons with disabilities and disabled people to present to government, memos, position papers, petitions etc. as and when necessary.
With numerous years’ experience of supporting disabled people to gain and maintain employment, CEPD staff is uniquely placed to assist your organization. So if you would like to find just how accessible your organization is, and how you can make it accessible to even more people, the contact us on: +233244620971 or +233307034900

Our dedicated team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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