Hiring Disabled Maths Busted!

A high percentage of disabled persons are not in the workplace due to myths surrounding hiring and working with employees with disabilities. Failure to recognize and dispel these myths and negative stereotypes causes discrimination and unmerited challenges for persons with disabilities looking for jobs..

Myth: Disabled workers are very sensitive and you have to be careful not to say the wrong thing.
FACT:  All workers, including disabled people are unique and we cannot presume how they would react. Most disabled people are glad to have an open and honest discussion.


Myth: It is very costly to make accommodations for persons with disabilities
FACT:  If an applicant declares a disability determine together what, if any, support they might need. It’s important to be willing to learn and

There are some reasonable adjustments, such as flexible working, might also be beneficial to the wider workforce for example older workers or those with caring responsibilities.  

Myth: Employees with disabilities have a higher absentee rate than employees without disabilities.
FACT: Studies  (e.g. DuPont) show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than employees without disabilities. The studies rather show that the typical PWDs have better attendance ratings than their non-disabled counterparts.


Myth: Individuals with disabilities should be given jobs with no chance of failure.
FACT: Everyone needs a challenging job. Some level of mishaps or failure happens at the job place so, we shouldn’t hold any employee back from progress because we want to shelter them. We need to give the equal opportunity to all our workers regardless of whether they have a disability or not.


Myth: Individuals with disabilities are not reliable.
FACT: Individuals with disabilities tend to remain on the job and to maintain better levels of attendance. A US Chamber of Commerce study revealed that workers with disabilities had an 80% lower turnover rate.


Myth: Someone will always have to help them
FACT: This is not exactly true. Disabled people are able to work around their disability without diminishing the quality of their work performance


Myth: People who are deaf make ideal employees for noisy work environments.
FACT: Actually loud noises harm the deafs ears further and those who aren’t deaf. The auditory system of the deaf are as equally sensitive as those with hearing.  


Myth: I can’t fire or discipline an employee with a disability.
FACT: It’s okay If you fire disabled individuals If their performance goes against company’s policies and all due diligence that would have been accorded every other employee have be provided them.


Myth: Workers with a disability are a bad influence on other workers.
FACT: Someone with disables may notice something than employees without disabilities.


Myth: It’s almost impossible to interview individuals with disabilities because it’s so easy to break human rights laws.
FACT: It is very easy to interview disabled. Just don’t focus on their disability. Focus on what they can do.


Myth: Individuals with disabilities don’t have the education needed.
FACT: Some have very good education.


Myth: People with disabilities need to be protected from failing.
FACT: They have the right to participate and succeed or fail in class, or work.


Myth: Employees with a disability are more difficult to supervise.
FACT: Employees with disability can and should be accountable for the same standards as people without disability.


Myth: People with disabilities will scare or frustrate customers or clients.
FACT: It’s the opposite. They can provide competitive advantage.

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