Rosina is a physically disabled young woman who is 35 years old and a street beggar.She has three children but
a single parent. Her main source of income or livelihood is what she gets from the street begging. She and her
children depends on what she gets from the street.
Her first child who is a boy is a carpenter apprentice and the two little once are in school but all under the care of
their mother.

She started begging when she was 15 years old and has been begging till now, she has been able to save some
money out of the begging and has bought a container of which she wants to use for store. She said she wants to
quit from the street begging business into a more dignified one.

She also said that she has the container though, but a site where to put the container in order to enable her start
her new business is her problem now, because she lives at old Fadama and that is exactly where A.M.A is quitting
people who lives there and also who trade or have stores around. She was much particular about getting an open
and busy place where she can be seen more, so as to be make good business.

She said, begging on the street is not good and is not her wish but doing it because she has no body to help her
and her children; she mentioned that, she has not gotten even a place for neither her children nor herself to lay
their heads. She and her children have been sleeping outside but in a tent, which makes it more dangerous
because one can be attacked by mad or bad people around the area and besides when it is raining time, they are
being beating by the rain and some times the wind and erosion takes away some of their belongings. She said
most disabled beggars in Accra go through a similar ordeal to survive.

She again said that begging on the street does not give one a respect from the society and besides, one is
exposed to a lot of dangers, for example, a car can hit one begging on the road side and many others.
Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities (CEPD) got interested in her plight and decided to do
something to enable Rosina actualize her dream. An arrangement was made for Rosina to meet with the Minister
of Employment and Social welfare to present her case.

During the meeting with the Minister, the Minister became interested in Rosina’s case. The fact that she was
willing to quit from the begging business. He said her case would be an example for others to follow. The Minister
encourages her and also asked her to encourage her other friends begging on the street to do as she has done so
that they can also look for more decent jods than begging on the streets.

The Minister delegated someone from his office who will be getting intouch with the A.M.A officials ( the city
Authorities) to give Rosina a better place that can suit her business.
CEPD will up-date you on developments.