We Need You!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities’ goal is to take disabled persons off the streets. This noble dream would be impossible to achieve without many hands helping us.

Challenges that we face in achieving our goal

  1. The first challenge is that a high percentage of persons with disabilities (PWDs) have little or no education due to
  2. The societal stigma that PWDs are “untrainable” or a challenge to work with. Parents will sooner send their girls to school rather than send a boy with a disability to school even though, in general, educating boys is the preference.
  3. The birth of a PWD is a cause for the breakup of families in some Ghanaian families. This unfortunate incidence has led to the majority of PWDs to be brought up in single parent homes where the mother is the sole bread winner.
  4. The incidence of PWDs growing up in poor families is high.
  5. To worsen the situation, there is inadequate governmental or private provision for the inclusion practices for students who are disabled. This implies that PWDs are left out when it comes to education. The few schools that have been established for PWDs are poorly funded.
  6.   Educated and/or skilled PWDs have a difficult time finding employment due to the societal stigma and myth surrounding the employment of persons with disabilities.

This is why we need you!
Many hands make light the work

A FEW ways we could benefit from your expertise

  1. Advocate – volunteers could use their creativity e.g artwork, social media broadcast, blogging etc to sensitize the public regarding the strengths and abilities of PWDs.
  2.  Train –  volunteers teach PWDs a skill, handicraft or provide literacy classes
  3.  Coach  –  Volunteers teach PWDs interviewing skills, assist them in the application of a job. Support them at the place of employment when needed.
  4.  Mentor – Mentor PWDs in all spheres of life
  5.  Employer Relations – Provide one or more of these services regarding employer relations –
  • Find employers who are interested in inclusive practices and would love to employ PWDs so that we can add them to our employer database
  • Educate employers to dispel the myth around hiring PWDs.
  • Train staff to sensitize them and dispel myths regarding PWDs.
  • Conduct accessibility audit of the workplace to determine how accessible it is for PWDs
  • Counsel management on the best practices to make the workplace accessible to PWDs at minimal cost.
  1.  Partner search – Contact organizations that share a common goal with us and who would like to collaborate with us in giving PWDs a chance at quality life.
  2. Donor search  – Help us to obtain funding so that we can meet the needs of more PWDs.

Other ways volunteers could help CEPD take disabled persons off the streets

♦ Secretarial work   ♦ Research  ♦ Web design  ♦ Marketing of CEPD  ♦ Branding  ♦  Organize entrepreneurs workshops  ♦ grant writing  ♦ CAD Product Design  ♦ CNC Engineering  ♦ Technology Transfer

A myriad of other needs/positions are available to match volunteers’ skills. If you’ve ANY idea on how you could help us to get PWDs off the street, we’re all ears.

Thank you very much for your compassion for persons with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need in order to volunteer?

A heart and desire to help another person as well as a great attitude and willingness to work hard.


What’s your minimum age requirement?
I would like to bring a group: what’s the maximum number of people you can accommodate per shift?
I live outside the country, can I come to Ghana and volunteer?

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